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Athletics Eligibility

All students must meet eligibility requirements to participate in athletics. Read more about eligibility.

Athletics Registration

Registration is required to participate in athletics. Learn more about registration.

Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals are required to participate in athletics and must cover the entire season. There are no exceptions. More detail on sports physicals.

Strength and Conditioning

Recognized for its excellence by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and recipient of the "Strength of America Award". Details on DCC's Strength and Conditioning program.

Athletics Venues

A listing of the various athletic venues that we use for practices and competitions. Read more about our athletics locations.

Parent/Student Athlete Handbook

In addition to describing registration processes and other requirements, our handbook also covers behaviors and expectations for our athletes. Find out more about the athlete handbook.

Participating in Athletics/Activities Outside of Your Home School

Students who want to participate or continue participating in a sport or activity that their school does not offer will need to complete the Request for Participation (RFP) form to be placed at an Academy District 20 (D20) school that offers the requested sport or activity. More about the School Assignment process.

Athletics Announcements

Athletics Stories