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Hip Hop is a two-season sport sanctioned by CHSAA (Colorado High School Athletic Association). The Rampart team is co-ed and performs at various athletic games, school events, and competitions around the state. Rampart is one of the few schools in the area to have a Spirit Dance team, and the only one in the region to have a Hip Hop team!

Signing Up

  • Attend all Tryout clinics and auditions in Spring or Fall, usually two or three days.

  • Complete the Tryout packet

  • Attend any informational meetings before Tryout dates

  • No dance experience is required, but the ability to learn choreography quickly and to have gymnastic skills are a plus. 

  • Practices 2-3 times weekly from August-March.

  • Please keep in mind that joining Hip Hop dance can limit a student's ability to participate in other fall or winter activities such as sports, band, or theater productions. However, students can still participate in spring season activities and sports.


  • First Place: 2017, 2018, and 2019 and Second Place 2020 at the Omega Psi Phi Step

  • Second Place: 2016 and Third Place 2019 at Elitch Garden’s Spirit Fest

  • Finished in the top three out of 24 teams in the 2019 State Spirit Championship preliminaries

  • Pre-game performances at a Denver Nuggets home basketball games

Head Coach