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Art   Students will receive instruction in the skills of basic drawing and painting. Students will explore basic techniques and subject matter.

Band and Orchestra   Students will practice and perform a variety of music to improve their musical knowledge and performance skills.

Biomedical Science   This course provides an overview of all the courses in the Biomedical Sciences program and lay the scientific foundation for subsequent courses. The activities and projects introduce students to human physiology, medicine, and research processes. 

Career Pathway Art   The CP Pathway in Visual Arts is called the Digital Media pathway; the first year of this pathway includes Computer Graphic Design 1 and Computer Graphic Design 2.

Ceramics   This course involves an introduction to the materials, techniques, design, and equipment of hand-built ceramic art and an introduction to the potter’s wheel.

Chinese   Students learn to communicate in Chinese (Mandarin) using various methods.

Choir   Students should develop an increased awareness of personal vocal skills and performance practices while they sing a variety of musical styles found within age-appropriate music.

Classroom Helper   Working at the direction of the classroom teacher, students will provide support in a PK-8 classroom.

Computer Applications   The course covers proper keyboarding technique to ensure speed and accuracy, an introduction to Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, and Publisher, and the proper formatting of business letters, reports, tables, and memos.

Computer Science   Computer Science Essentials exposes students to a diverse set of computational thinking concepts, fundamentals, and tools, allowing them to gain understanding and build confidence.

Digital Photography   Students will explore visual communication and learn how to plan and produce photographic compositions that demonstrate an understanding of such techniques as light, composition, color, and visual impact.

Engineering   This course teaches problem-solving skills using a design development process. Models of product solutions are created, analyzed and communicated using a 3D, solid-modeling Computer- Aided-Design (CAD) System (AutoCAD Inventor).

French   Students will learn to communicate in French and will be introduced to the life and culture of the French world.

Graphic Design   Students will learn to make computer generated works of art using industry standard software, and will develop a personal style.

Intro to Art and Design   Students will enjoy learning skills in the use of a variety of media which may include: drawing, painting, photography, computer graphic design, ceramics, printmaking and more.

Intro to Business  This course introduces the student to the world of business, an area that affects each of us.

Marketing   Marketing 1 introduces students to the exciting world of business and marketing.  In this challenging course topics include advertising, promotion, personal selling, communication, leadership, job application and interview, and human relations.

Music Theory   Music Theory is designed to offer a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of music.  Topics for this one semester course include music note reading, ear training and aural techniques, harmonic writing and analysis.

Peer PE   Students in this course will participate in activities that incorporate team and individual sport skills, strategies in teamwork and problem solving, and provide training in skills needed for leisure activities.

Personal and Professional Skills   Personal and professional skills is designed for students to develop attitudes, skills and strategies to be applied to personal and professional situations and contexts now and in the future.

Photography   This course is designed for the beginning photographer. Students learn to use 35 mm cameras as well as to develop and print black and white photographs.

Spanish   Students will learn to communicate in Spanish and will be introduced to the life and culture of the Spanish world.

Strength and Conditioning   This class will focus on developing the basic physical attributes of athleticism with the goal of improving athletic performance, reducing the risk of sports related injuries, and gaining an appreciation for lifelong fitness.

Teacher Cadet   Students will be involved in a fast-paced, innovative, hands-on curriculum where they gain knowledge about teaching and learning.

Team Sports   The learner will demonstrate the fundamentals and basic skills in many of the following recreational activities:  basketball, flag football, floor hockey, soccer, softball, team handball and volleyball.

Teambuilding and Leadership   This course is centered around helping students develop & learn leadership skills through a variety of activities. Activities within this class will include icebreaker games to get to know each other's strengths and learn how to use these strengths in a variety of challenges.

Theater   This course includes improvisation, pantomime, play analysis, character analysis, basic stage movement, blocking, and voice control.  Students will become familiar with the lexicon of theatre.

Theory of Knowledge   Theory of Knowledge is a course that explores the origins, validity, and value of the various ways of acquiring knowledge.

Total Fitness   This class will incorporate various types of fitness activities aimed at improving cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and strength.  Activities may include floor aerobics, kickboxing, Tae-Bo, running, hiking, walking, interval training, resistance strength training, Pilates, yoga, slide training, fitball, and biking.

Yoga   This course will have the following activities; yoga, pilates, walking, hiking, low impact aerobics, and relaxation.

Yoga 2   This is a continuing course for those students who have already successfully completed Fitness Yoga 1.  In this course, students will continue their yoga practice as an extension from the knowledge base gained through the curriculum of Fitness Yoga 1.

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