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TAG Overview

Discovery Canyon Campus offers unique challenges to gifted students through both the wide array of academic courses, including Honors and Advanced Placement courses and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, as well as a variety of co-curricular activities and clubs. The TAG Coordinator, in conjunction with counselors, teachers, parents and the gifted student work together to place students in classes and enrichment activities which meet the individual needs of the gifted learner. Classroom teachers plan curriculum according to individual students needs supported by the TAG Coordinator. 

TAG Services

  • Assessment of student need

  • Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) for highly gifted students

  • SMART Goal creation for Area of Giftedness students

  • Curriculum extensions and enrichments for identified ALP and Area of Giftedness students

  • Resource assistance and support for classroom teachers

  • Mentorship with community participation

  • Independent study for individual students

  • Staff development and training for teachers who work with gifted students

  • Opportunities for parents to meet and learn more about giftedness

TAG Performance Standards

Students will:

  • Engage in accelerated and/or in-depth curricular extensions

  • Demonstrate advanced communication skills

  • Conduct authentic research

  • Exhibit advanced critical thinking at appropriately challenging levels

  • Demonstrate the use of insightful creative thinking

  • Learn to understand and maximize their talents and abilities