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Since 2016, DCC high school students have participated in Thor Wars over the course of Homecoming week - even holding a virtual Thor Wars in 2021 to keep the tradition alive despite Covid-19 restrictions. All week long students dress up for themed days and win points towards their Thor Wars score by participating in events like the Powder Puff game, the Carnival, and Cheap Date Improv. The week is planned and executed by our Student Senate, though some events bring out the staff's competitiveness, too. Senate advisors help plan the entire week's activities and ThunderTime teachers works tirelessly with their students on each event. It’s truly a whole-school effort that builds camaraderie and inclusivity.

This year's theme was "Into the Jungle," and each grade embodied a different jungle animal: Freshmen donned frog hats; Sophomores wore ribbon wings to represent the Macaw; the Junior trash can was a decorated tiger accompanied by a Joe Exotic look-alike; and the Senior shirts showcased the leopard.

The end of week class battle is the most intense and loud display of competition during Thor Wars. Despite this contention, inter-class sportsmanship is a staple of the event. Upper classmen support their younger counterparts - Seniors with Sophomores and Juniors with Freshmen - through obstacle courses, class chants, dance offs, and artistic feats like the class trash cans. As one grade dominates an event, their supporting grade erupts in cheers with them.

In the end, however, the Senior class walked away in ultimate victory by earning the most points over the week and fighting valiantly through Thor Wars. Their support for the Sophomores and unbridled creativity in their costumes, class song, and class chant pushed them over the edge to win over the other grades.