Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of Discovery Canyon Campus High School Student(s):

Beginning this school year at Discovery Canyon Campus High School, students will be expected to bring their personal technology device  for use in the classroom as part of our Bring Your Own Device Initiative(BYOD). Students can expect to use their devices in class and should be regularly bringing a device by the end of August, 2018.   

In conjunction with the DCC Mission statement, the vision of Digital Learning is to integrate technology that personalizes learning and feedback to support each student’s unique potential to be a conscientious global citizen in a learning community that is innovative, rigorous, and safe to foster the IB learner.  Discovery Canyon teachers  have been involved in specific training about how to make the best use of technology in the classroom and will continue to receive training throughout the school year. Allowing your student(s) to bring a device they already know and use to school means that learning opportunities can be enhanced.  Our teachers are committed to educating students to be responsible, appropriate, and cautious with their digital footprint.

You likely have questions about whether your child’s particular device has all of the software and safety programs installed for use in the classroom. You can read the minimum required characteristics and recommendations at Students should bring devices that meet minimum recommendations and may use their internet capable cell phones if they wish.

Discovery Canyon charges a $50/ year to check out a device.  If you are eligible for free and reduced lunch or have a unique situation where you are unable to purchase a device for your students), you may apply for a reduced cost device.  All devices will be take home devices unless you have a unique situation. Please contact if you would not like your student to take hom the device. In addition, the Academy 20 filtering system will no longer work on devices checked out to high school students that go home. We encourage families to talk with their students about digital citizenship and monitor device use.  Resources for talking with your child about online safety can be found at:  The staff at Discovery Canyon is committed to ensuring that your student(s) has access to a device so that learning through technology remains equitable for all students.  To apply for a device please click here: Once you have completed this form you will need to accept the ASD20 Technology Guidelines and Responsible Use Agreement on the extended parent portal and pay the device rental fee on under DLP Device User fee. Please bring your receipt with you to the upper library for device check out!

We look forward to your student(s) bringing his or her own device so that our school and the district can continue to broaden opportunities for students to engage in online collaboration, research, and self-directed learning at school and at home.

If you have questions or would like more information please contact

Best Regards,

Korina Bierman


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Here at DCHS we value the importance of internet safety for our students in the classroom and at home.  

ConnectSafely a resource for safety, privacy and security on the internet.  For teens, parents, and educators. source for tips, links and news on cyber safety.