Device Requirements

Device Requirements 2020-21

Students at DCHS will need a device whether we are learning at school, at home, or in a hybrid model. Minimum device requirements are listed below if you would like to use your own device. Please note: cell phones do not meet the minimum recommendations for this program and thus will not provide an optimal user experience; teachers have discretion about cell phone use for specific activities in class as appropriate.


Device Minimum Specifications

You likely have questions about which acceptable devices can be used daily and meet the district minimum device recommendation for optimal learning as described here. These requirments assure quick access to learning on the digital platforms that we utilize daily.   

Device Minimum Specifications (In Detail)

School Device Check-Out Process

If you do not have a device to bring from home, you may check one from the school for the entire 20-21 school year. This year, there is no fee for using a district device. We do not support daily checkouts except in exceptional cases. Throughout the year, if you have an issue with the device, please come to The INK Spot library in the 300s hallway.

To check out a device:

  1. Indicate that you need a device on your Return to Learn feedback OR email Kristen Edwards ( to request one..

  2. Agree to the ASD20_Technology_Guidelines_and_RUA_K-12_-_2020-2021_Share_with_DLCs (1).pdf for your student found in the Extended Parent Portal in Infinite Campus.

  3. Pick up the device on your assigned orientation day. If you miss that day, come to The INK Spot to check one out.