Device Requirements

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Device Minimum Specifications

You likely have questions about which acceptable devices can be used daily and meet the district minimum device recommendation for optimal learning as described here. These requirments assure quick access to learning on the digital platforms that we utilize daily. Please note: cell phones do not meet the minimum recommendations for this program and thus will not provide the optimal user experience; teachers have discretion about cell phone use for specific activities in class as appropriate. Teachers will check that each student has an appropriate device the week of August 26 to ensure each student is ready for success.  If you need to rent a device from DCC High School please read on. 

Device Minimum Specifications (In Detail)

Device Rental Process

If you do not have a device to bring from home, you may rent one from the school for $50 for the entire 19-20 school year. We do not support daily checkouts except in exceptional cases. Throughout the year, if you have an issue with the device, please come to the 500’s High School Library in the new wing.

To rent a device:

  1. Open and complete this request form.

  2. Agree to BOTH the 1) ASD20 Technology Guidelines and 2) Responsible Use Agreement for your student found in the Extended Parent Portal in Infinite Campus.

  3. Pay $50 rental fee at the Business Services Office or use PayForIt under DLP Device User Fee and make an online payment. If you have financial concerns, please follow the steps outlined in the request form.

  4. Pick up the device in The INK Spot (the 300’s level High School Library)