The Honors Program

We believe that the MYP courses offer a rigorous challenge for all students; however, we continue to offer Honors level courses in Mathematics and Language & Literature because the standardized testing results in these content areas that lead to a more accurate placement.
Honors courses are intended to meet the needs of students whose ability level requires significant acceleration of the standard curriculum.  Students who enroll in Honors classes are expected to work at a high level of competence and to responsibly accept the academically rigorous challenges set forth. Honors courses exceed the minimum state standards for core content areas. While not a prerequisite for enrollment in AP courses, Honors courses provide a natural progression into the AP Program and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.
All classes which have received district approval for weighted grade status are labeled honors and are indicated as weighted credit in the course guide.


All students placed in Honors level courses should carefully consider his/her level of preparation and commitment to the content area. Likewise, students should discuss all options with parents and teachers. Students who choose Honors courses are expected to routinely demonstrate high integrity, motivation, maturity, and intellectual curiosity.
The successful Honors level student must:
  • Possess the prerequisite skills, work ethic, and attitudes necessary for success at the Honors level;
  • Make a conscious decision to commit to the academic rigor required in an Honors course;
  • Display past and current academic performance in the above average range;
  • Receive a positive recommendation from his/her current teacher. 
The Placement Process:
Language & Literature--Most freshmen will be enrolled in MYP Freshman Language & Literature. The benchmarks for enrolling in MYP Honors Language & Literature are listed below:
  • CMAS ELA Scores--4-5
  • 8th Grade Language & Literature grades--B average
  • Teacher input based on work ethic, attendance, and content curiousity. 
Mathematics--Students will be enolled into an appropriate math class based upon the previous math course taken and teacher input. DCC's Math Department offers honors courses for students who want to foster their love of mathermatics and who embrace being challenged by their math studies. 

If the student chooses to enroll in an honors level class against the recommendation of the current teacher and Honors Program Coordinator, the student and parent must complete the Core Placement Appeal Form to be signed by the student and parent in order to have the appeal reviewed by the Honors Program Coordinator and the appropriate academic department.
Please see Mrs. Amy Geraci in Campus Services if you have any questions about this process or the appropriate course for you. 
DCC Honor Program Courses: 
MYP Honors Freshman Language and Literature
MYP Honors Geometry
MYP Honors Algebra 2
IB Pre-Calculus
MYP Honors Sophomore Language and Literature
Honors Chemistry
Honors Intro to Engineering Design
Honors Principles of Engineering
Honors Digital Electronics
Honors Civil Engineering & Architecture
Honors Engineering Design & Development
Honors Principles of Biomedical Sciences 
Honors Human Body Systems (10th - 12th)
Honors Medical Intervention (11th - 12th)
Honors Medical Innovations (11th - 12th)
Honors Computer Science Essentials 

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