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Discovery Canyon Campus High School operates on an alternating block schedule. Purple Days include blocks P1, P2, P3 and P4. Silver days include blocks S5, S6, S7, and S8. Every Wednesday we have and alternative schedule for Thunder Time.  In case of assemblies, closures or other events, alternative bell schedules have been established.

To find information about scheduling and the course selection book visit our Student Services page! 

Bell Schedule Spring 2019-20

Purple/Silver (M,T,Th,F) 

Thundertime Schedule


 Assembly Schedule 
Period 1/57:45-9:20
Period 1/57:45-9:05Period 1/57:45-9:00
Period 2/6  (Homeroom)9:25-11:00

Period 2/6



Period 2/6


Period 3/7a11:05-12:35Thundertime10:35-11:15Assembly10:30-11:25
Lunch A11:10-11:45Period 3/7a11:20-12:50Period 3/7a11:30-12:55
Period 3/7b11:45-1:15Lunch A11:25-12:00Lunch A11:35-12:10
Lunch B12:45-1:20Period 3/7b12:10-1:30Period 3/7b12:10-1:35
Period 4/81:20-2:55Lunch B1:00-1:35Lunch B1:05-1:40
  Period 4/81:35-2:55Period 4/81:40-2:55


Black (following a snow day) Late Start Black Late Start  (late start following a snow day) 
Period 17:45-8:30Period 1/59:45-10:50Period 19:45-10:14

Period 2


8:35-9:20Period 2/6  (Homeroom)10:55-12:00Period 210:19-10:48
Period 39:25-10:10Period 3/7a12:05-1:05Period 310:53-11:23
Period 410:15-11:00Lunch A12:10-12:45Period 411:28-11:57
Period 511:05-11:50Period 3/7b12:45-1:40All School Lunch12:07-12:43
Period 6a11:55-12:38Lunch B1:15-1:50Period 512:43-1:12
Lunch A12:00-12:35Period 4/81:50-2:55Period 61:17-1:46
Period 6b12:35-1:18  Period 71:51-2:21
Lunch B12:48-1:23  Period 82:26-2:55
Period 71:23-2:06    
Period 82:11-2:55    


HS Lunches  2019-20


Students' lunches depend on which class they have for period 3 (on Purple days) and Period 7 (on Silver days).  For example, if a student has engineering for 3rd period, they will attend first lunch on a Purple day.

***Black day lunches are determined by students' 6th period class.


1st lunch

Language and Literature, Science, Physical Education, Engineering, Visual Arts, LIfe Skills, Study Skills, Business

2nd lunch

Individuals and Societies, Math, Language Acquisition, Performing Arts, Study Hall

*Guided study halls and study halls will go to the lunch that is determined by that teacher's major academic discipline

Purple/ Silver Calendar 2019-20