​​Attendance numbers:​

Student Last Name A-K: Nicole Book @ 719-234-2801 

Student Last Name L-Z:  Summer King @ 719-234-2802

Attendance Email:  dcchs-attendance@asd20.org

Please call the appropriate phone number for your student's last name to report an absence.  Feel free to continue using the attendance email as well.  

Thank you for your help with this transition!

Reporting an Absence
When a student is absent, parents are asked to call the school as soon as possible to report the absence. All authorized absences, except illness, should be approved in advance at the office. An authorized absence will result in no grade reduction, and time will be allocated for missed assignments to be completed – one day for each day of absence. Parents may request homework assignments from the office when reporting a student’s absence if the student is absent more than one day. Teachers require 24 hour notice to gather homework and other assignments for a student.
PreArranged Absence Form:  Click HERE
Attendance Policy
The Parent/Guardian is responsible for calling the attendance office no later than 8:00 a.m. the day following the absence; otherwise, the student will be considered Unexcused. Attendance clerks may not excuse absences after this time. Please provide the following information:
1. Name of the person calling and your relationship to the student
2. Name of the student. Please spell the last name.
3. Date of the absence.
4. Reason for absence.
5. A telephone number that we may call to clarify questions or to verify the absence if needed.
The following are examples of excused absences:
Illness or injury
Medical/dental appointments
Court/law enforcement
Family emergency
School-related activities
Religious holiday
Administrative approval
Excusing a Student once in School
Once a student has arrived on campus, he/she is expected to be in class. If a student must leave campus prior to the end of the day, the parent should notify the attendance office. The student should sign out in the attendance office before leaving school grounds. Students may not be released to the custody of another student.
Pre-arranged Absences
Prior to an absence of 3 or more days, a pre-arranged absence form should be filled out and signed by a parent and then submitted to an administrator for signature. The form may be obtained from the school website or the attendance offices. Please note acceptable reasons for absences listed on the pre-arranged absence form. The administrator will sign the form and then submit it to the Attendance Office. The attendance clerk will enter the attendance into Infinite Campus and file the approved form.
Homework Requests for Pre-arranged Absences and Extended Illness
It will be the student’s responsibility to obtain a Student Extended Leave Assignment Request form from Counseling or the website. The student should then take the form to his/her teachers to obtain homework assignments. One form should be used for each class/teacher (if applicable). In the case of a planned absence, the teacher should receive this form at least one week prior to the first day of the absence. If this is a planned absence, assignments are due upon the student’s return. If absence is due to illness, the student has two days for every day missed to turn in assignments.
Unexcused Absences
Any child who accumulates excessive absences is in violation of the Compulsory Colorado School Attendance Law (CRS 22-33-101). An absence is considered unexcused if the parent/guardian fails to notify the school of the absence in a timely manner or if the reason for absence does not meet school approved criteria. School work missed by an unexcused absence may only receive partial credit, but students are encouraged to make it up to prevent falling further behind.
Consequences for unexcused absences:
1st offense: After school detention equal to the time missed in class.
2nd offense: After school detention equal to the time missed in class.
3rd offense: In school suspension and a conference with the student and parent
4th offense: In school suspension. Student placed on an attendance contract.
Subsequent offenses could result in further suspension, truancy court, or withdrawal from school with loss of credit. Other consequences may include a loss of partial absence status, loss of off-campus privileges, loss of privilege to attend special events (field trips, senior luncheon, prom, etc.).
Excessive Excused Absences or Tardies
Students who have excessive absences or tardies excused by parents may be required to provide a doctor’s note in order for the school to excuse the absence. Failure to do this when notified will result in the absence being considered unexcused and the normal unexcused absence consequences will apply.
Tardy Policy
Students are expected to arrive to class on time. Parents will be notified after the second unexcused tardy. Teachers are expected to develop consequences for third and fourth tardies, and refer students to the office on the fifth tardy.
Students who fail to fulfill teacher assigned consequences will be referred to Student Services for disciplinary action.
Consequences for unexcused tardies (per semester per class):
1st Teacher warning
2nd Teacher warning and parent contact
3rd Parent contact and appropriate teacher consequence
4th Parent contact and appropriate teacher consequence
5th Parent contact, referral to dean or administrator (2 lunch detentions)
6th Teacher referral, after school detention
7th Teacher referral, consequences may include behavior contract, further detentions, or in-school suspension