Field Locations 


D20 Stadium

8720 Scarborough Drive


Swim & Dive

Home swim & dive events are held at the Liberty High School Pool, 8720 Scarborough Drive

 Air Academy High School

Please follow these guidelines when attending events held at AAHS, which is located on a closed military installation.

  • Access is restricted to the most direct path to and from the high school, and the high school grounds.
  • All visitors MUST enter the USAFA via the SOUTH GATE (exit #150). No exceptions.
  • Upon arrival to the security checkpoint the driver of the vehicle must:
    1. State the name of the contest in which they are attending (i.e. varsity football vs. your school)
    2. Provide the security person with their current driver’s license. Drivers may also be asked to provide current vehicle registration and/or current proof of insurance.
    3.  Vehicles are subject to search when entering this federal installation and security personnel will likely ask to open the trunk of the car and/or perform a cursory check of the interior of the vehicle. You have every right to refuse such an inspection, but will not be allowed to enter if you do so.